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1-Andro Guide: A Powerful Compound to Unleash The Beast In You!

For anyone who wants a solid, aesthetic physique and is looking to push past their normal limit, 1-Andro is one muscle-building game changer. This detailed guide will help you know more about it and why it’s such a must-have product!

What Exactly Is 1-Andro?

1-Andro, also called 1 DHEA or 1-Androsterone is a non-methylated prohormone whose primary metabolite is 1-Androstendione or 1-AD (1-androstene 3b-ol, 17-one ).

In English, this means it works by helping the user rapidly develop strength and shed fat. This anabolic compound does not change to estrogen or DHT, but converts to 1-testosterone, which means, any estrogen related negative effects should not transpire and this compound can truly aid in building lean muscle mass side effect free.

Research shows that 1-Andro has twice the anabolic strength of testosterone. In a recent 4-week study conducted by West Texas A&M University, 1-Androsterone elevated fat free mass in professional bodybuilders around 8.8 lbs and reduced body fat by 4.4. lbs.

How Does 1-Androsterone Work?

Basically, it is a great compound to use for your cutting cycle as it helps you lose fat. You get the gains minus water retention. Because there is no water retention, gains will be slow, but are certainly PRESERVED pre- and post- one cycle. 1-Andro supplements are versatile as they can be stacked with any compound.

Does It Mean It Is Safer Being A Non-Methylated Prohormone?

Yes it is, it’s even safer than steroids! Non-methylated prohormones are safer as compared to methylated ones as they offer remarkable gains, but aren’t as tough on your body, especially the liver.

Specifically, 1 Andro converts to 1-testosterone, which is more anabolic (muscle-building) than testosterone, but doesn’t carry any of the androgenic effects (e.g. hair growth, aggressiveness, etc.).

Benefits You Can Get from 1-Andro

Check out this outstanding list of benefits from 1-Androsterone:

  • Enhances lean muscle mass (makes getting ripped easier)
  • Reduces body fat
  • Improves strength
  • Boosts recovery
  • No DHT or estrogen conversion
  • No bloating
  • Safer than steroids

Possible Side Effects of 1-Andro

As with any other prohormone, this prohormone contains little to no side effects. Here are some common (but temporary) side effects to watch for:

  • Back pumps
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Headaches
  • Mild hair loss

*For women taking 1-Andro, expect side effects such as deepened vocal chords, broader jawline and facial hair growth.

Recommended Dosing

For new and intermediate users: Take the lowest suggested dose. Start with 300 mg to 600 mg a day for 6 weeks.

For advanced users: Take up to 1,000 mg for 6 to 8 weeks.

You may also take 1-Androsterone pre-workout.

*This is best taken at even doses in the morning and evening with meals.

*It should only be taken by individuals over the age of 21.

*Make sure to follow proper dosing indicated on the product label.

**Alcohol consumption must be eliminated, if not controlled when running prohormones.

1-Andro vs. 4-Andro

What makes 1-Andro stand out more than 4-Andro is difference in the side effects. It does not convert to estrogen unlike 4-Andro.

Are On Cycle Support and Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Needed?

Yes, you need to have cycle support and PCT when running 1-Andro to make sure optimal health and avoid unwanted side effects.

Is It Available In Liquid and Transdermal Forms?

Yes, but they’re more challenging to find than pills. 1-Andro liquid is micronized and safe to the liver.

It can also be absorbed via creams and sprays, about 200 mg to 300 mg a day.

Can It Be Spotted During Drug Tests?

You will most probably test positive while using 1-Andro during anabolic steroid testing due to the excretion of metabolites from 1-Testosterone. Make sure to speak with the drug administer if you have any worries before taking 1-Androsterone.

Is It 100% Legal?

Absolutely! The government barred several compounds in December 2014.  1-Andro was not included on the list of banned substances, so you can buy and use it without any problem.

Is 1-Andro Stackable?

Yes, you may stack this with almost anything to help enhance your results.

The Top 1-Andro Supplements You Need to Try TODAY!

Here are the 2 most potent 1-Andro supplements in the market that will bring some serious GAINS!

Whether you stack it with some other product or use it as a standalone, HERCULES is the best there is! This supplement brings out the HERCULES inside you!

HERCULES by Sparta Nutrition is an extremely androsterone supplement that uses the highest quality 1 andro found anywhere. Stress is a major Testosterone killer and significantly compromises your gains in the gym. HERCULES makes sure you stay on the top of your game by decreasing the amount of stress causing hormones in your body. This way, you remain stress-free and always ready for extra sets!

Sparta Nutrition uses highly advanced technology called SEDDs to promote rapid absorption of ingredients from HERCULES. In other words, this technology effectively delivers the active ingredients from HERCULES to where needed in just the right amount!

My suggestion to anyone out there looking for something for Humongous gains, GO FOR HERCULES! This is like nothing that you might have used before. In fact, the results you get from HERCULES are STARTLING and too good to be true!

HERCULES is an elite product that ensures elite results. You can get HERCULES from Powersupps at an amazing price of $59.99.

Katanadrol 3.0

Katanadrol 3.0 by Mr. Supps is a cutting edge 1-Andro supplement. It is the third revision of Katanadrol and surpasses its predecessors by MILES!

It is an Awesome blend of 1-Andro and other potent fat burners like caffeine, vitamin B6, and green tea extract makes sure that you gain lean muscles and lose fat at the same time. How good is that?

Not only that, but the regular use of this supplement will enhance your stamina and will give you the vigor you’ve always dreamed of.

So do I recommended Katanadrol 3.0? Of course, I DO! It gives amazing results, is free of side effects, and is tested and endorsed by thousands throughout the world. I would be a shame if you were to overlook this SHOCKINGLY EFFECTIVE supplement!

You can buy it at the official Powersupps store, where a 30 capsules container comes at the price of $59.99.

Where Can You Buy 1 Andro?

If you’re looking to buy 1 ANDRO supplements online, there are only a few places I recommend. Most 1 andro supplements can’t be bought in places like GNC or Walmart, but you can certainly buy 1 ANDRO from Powersupps, and each one of the products mentioned above contain a ton of high quality androsterone that will surely get you results.

Original article: https://powersupps.co.uk/prohormone/1-andro/

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