Here’s the Ultimate D-Plex (The One) Guide You’ve Always Wanted

D-Plex, also known as “The One,” is a prohormone that claims to give you all the stuff you need to get you on your way to your dream physique. Why don’t we put this compound under the spotlight so you can make an informed decision if it really deserves a spot in your bodybuilding arsenal for your next cycle?

A Quick D-Plex Walkthrough

For starters, D-Plex is basically Mestanolone with a 3-oxime group. It is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that has a c-17alpha alkylated modification, which allows it to be broken down by the liver when administered.

The formula used to make D-Plex was initially developed to help treat testosterone deficiency in men. However, it made its way to the bodybuilding world soon after due to its considerable androgenic potency.

This orally administered compound has established quite a name in bodybuilding circles for its ability to trigger both positive physical and mental effects when used. Besides being also called The One, this compound goes by the trade names Notandron and Andoron as well.

It is known by the chemical nomenclatures 17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol-3-one oxime, 17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol-3-hydroxyimine or 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol 3-hydroxyimine.

The chemical structure of Mestanolone

The very first bodybuilding product released using Mestanolone – alternatively known as methyldihydrotestosterone in the scientific setting – as the active compound was Ermalone and it was developed by Pharmade.

While the original formula for Ermalone is no longer manufactured, there are a number of clones that are still produced these days. They are usually available in white to off-white crystalline powder form or perhaps packaged in tablets that range from 5 milligrams to 10 milligrams per dose.

What’s really interesting is Mestanolone wasn’t as widely received compared to its counterparts when it was launched.

However, it proved its mettle as a compound to watch out for by being the reason why German athletes used to dominate the sports world. It didn’t take long before Mestanolone became a mainstay in the checklists of bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Studies show that D-Plex has a very high androgenic effect when ingested. It is so high that women are advised not to use it since it can put them at risk to masculinization if constantly taken. Experts point out that the results D-Plex is able to deliver is highly similar to Oral Turinabol and Winstrol.

What Benefits Does D-Plex Have?

Due to its DHT type qualities, D-Plex has been seen to have a well-balanced mix of benefits when cycled. The most popular use for this compound is leaning and cutting, especially for those who are looking to impress during competitions.

D-Plex has become a favorite choice when it comes to cutting and leaning

See, D-Plex does not break down into estrogen when metabolized by the body. This means that besides preventing water weight, it also helps stimulate the development of lean and hard muscle while at it. Seasoned prohormone users emphasize that this compound is an essential if you’re planning to bulk up rapidly.

Aside from its proven cutting and leaning abilities, this prohormone can also boost stamina, endurance and aggression levels up a notch as well as limit discomfort levels when you’re pushing yourself to the limit at the gym.

Bodybuilders who have already given D-Plex a go also report faster recovery time, increased vascularity, improved fat loss and muscle hardness, including more prominent muscle definitions. Moreover, it can be stacked with other prohormones for added power and potency.

It is still highly recommended, though, that you have a proper post cycle therapy (PCT) when you administer this compound to keep clear from issues in the long run.

D-Plex Side Effects

Akin to other prohormones, it is still possible that you will be vulnerable to side effects like joint discomfort, nausea and headaches when you cycle with D-Plex. However, the likelihood that these issues will emerge is kept at a minimal when you have a proper PCT after cycling with this compound.

Recommended D-Plex Cycling and Dosage

Seasoned prohormone users advise that the daily dose of D-Plex should be capped at 20 milligrams to 50 milligrams each day when you’re using it as a standalone product. A cycle of this compound should be run at around 4 to 6 weeks.

Alternatively, the dose of this compound should be lessened when stacked with other prohormones. It is also recommended that you integrate a liver protection agent when you do so since other compounds may not be as gentle to the liver as D-Plex.

Since the half-life of this prohormone is approximately 8 to 10 hours, it is highly suggested that you split your doses into two each day. Don’t take D-Plex at least 4 hours before bedtime since it can possibly have an effect on your sleeping cycle. Veterans also recommend having an 8-week break before cycling with this compound again.

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