The Ultimate Guide on Furazabol You’ve Always Wanted

Furazabol is a choice that you’re highly likely to come across when picking a prohormone for your next cycle. If you’re planning to include this compound in your bodybuilding arsenal in the future, make sure you read on to get the lowdown on all the important things you need to know about it.

Furazabol Profile

Furazabol is essentially Androfurazanol, a type of 17α-alkylated synthetic, oral anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The only difference it has from DHT is an additional A-ring, akin to the chemical structure of Stanozolol. It is reported to deliver the same results as Winstrol when administered. This added ring in its structure allows this compound to remain stable long enough to bind to muscle tissue receptors to provide a positive anabolic effect.

Furazabol chemical structure

Commercially distributed in Japan by Daiichi Seiyaku Co., Ltd in Japan since 1969 under the brand name Miotolan, Furazabol is said to have been developed to alleviate high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and eliminate plaque that can accumulate and block the arteries. It is also believed to have antihyperlipidemic qualities, but aspect this is still up for debate until now. Furazabol also goes by the names Miotolon, Frazalon, Myotolon, Furazabolo as well as Furazabolum and has a half-life of 4 hours.

Now while Furazabol may not be as popular in the bodybuilding world compared to its counterparts, it was rather prominent in sporting circles during the 1980’s, particularly among Olympians. Besides the added boost in power and endurance when taken, Furazabol still wasn’t included in the list of compounds that testing officials and drug screeners are keeping an eye out for.

However, this all changed when Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for Stanozolol after bagging the gold in the 100-meter sprint at the 1988 Summer Olympics. Although Dr. Jamie Astaphan – the physician who was assigned to Johnson and the rest of his team – admitted that he gave the athlete Furazabol, he believed that the test was sabotaged because he did not administer even the slightest dose of Stanozolol.

It didn’t take long before Furazabol was on the watch list of prohibited sporting agents and slowly declined into obscurity over the years ever since the Miotolan brand was discontinued. But the thing is this compound is still being bulk produced in and around Asia up until now, which are then manufactured into oral tablets and capsules by Western underground laboratories.

With its relatively mild androgenic effects when metabolized by the system, Furazabol can be cycled by men and women without the risk of being vulnerable to substantial issues given that a suitable on-cycle support and post cycle therapy is integrated in the same. It can be also stacked with other steroids and prohormones for extra power and potency.

The Benefits of Furazabol

Veteran prohormone users point out that the gains you can achieve with Furazabol are not that significant, similar to Drostanolone and Stanozolol, but its ability to deliver lean, hard mass is impressive. This is why it is deemed as a great pick for bodybuilders and strength athletes, especially during the cutting phase.

Another rather awesome benefit of this compound is its ability to help build muscle and prevent bad cholesterol levels from spiking while at it. This is an aspect of Furazabol that William Llewellyn strongly contradicted in his book, Anabolics 2007.

However, since it is still a prohormone, it is crucial to keep in mind that the usage of Furazabol should be closely monitored during your cycle to avoid bad cholesterol buildup sooner or later.

The Setbacks of Furazabol

People who have already tried giving Furazabol a go reported that they have experienced minimal androgenic side effects while cycling with this prohormone. Besides going through sudden acne breakouts, they also shared that their skin was oilier than usual and observed rapid body hair growth.

Although we discussed earlier that Furazabol is not as harsh to the liver compared to its counterparts, C17-alpha alkylated prohormones can still be hepatoxic. Visiting a physician and having regular blood work as well as taking liver detoxification supplements should also be considered during a cycle with this prohormone.

Furazabol Cycling and Dosage

For men:

Experts recommend a daily dose of 10 milligrams to 20 milligrams of Furazabol cycled in 6 to 8 weeks. Although only moderate muscle gains can be achieved with this prohormone, increased definition and fat loss should be expected. Doses over 30 milligrams each day can already put you at risk of hepatotoxicity. Moreover, you can amplify the anabolic effects you’re getting by stacking with other steroids and prohormones like Equipoise and Deca-Durabolin.

For women:

A daily dose of 2 milligrams to 5 milligrams of Furazabol should be administered no more than 4 weeks, although you can extend your cycle to 6 weeks only with utmost precaution. This is to keep clear from virilizing issues, which are pretty rare when doses are closely monitored, but is still possible with prohormone use.

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