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The Ultimate Halodrol FAQ

Chances are you’ve already heard about Halodrol and its ability to take strength levels up a notch and significantly boost muscle gains. But the thing is you still can’t make up your mind if this prohormone is really the best option for you to achieve the goals that you’ve got in your bodybuilding checklist.

You’ve come to the right place, though. Make sure you read on to find out all you need to know about Halodrol so you can easily make an informed decision if this is the prohormone that you should add to your arsenal anytime soon.

What is Halodrol?

At its simplest, Halodrol is a type of 17aa steroid that is derived from testosterone. Akin to its counterparts, this prohormone has the ability to promote key changes in the body that are extremely beneficial in terms of building size and mass as well as enhancing muscle endurance and accelerating your overall recovery time after going through a punishing workout.

The technical name of Halodrol is Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol-CDMA (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-diol) and also known as HD and H-Drol among bodybuilders and weightlifting buffs. The chemical structure of this prohormone closely resembles that of Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone), which is a modified version of the anabolic steroid Dianabol or “D-bol.” The chemical formula of Halodrol is C20H29C1O2 and has a half-life of approximately 16 hours.

The chemical structure of Halodrol

This prohormone basically works by getting into the bloodstream and sticking to the walls of the muscle cells. This activates a reaction with the nucleus that promotes an increase in its overall production of protein while boosting its synthesis of the same in the process. This increase in protein production and synthesis leads to a buildup of muscle tissue that will eventually become muscle gains.

Halodrol has become quite popular as the prohormone to zero in on when it comes to achieving the most ideal set of abs. Based on numerous logs and testimonials from users, they’ve been able to get flatter yet more muscular abdominal muscles when they cycled with this steroid. They also emphasized that Halodrol helped them perk up their vascularity and realize high-quality dry gains with only very minimal to no water retention.

Moreover, this prohormone has been seen to trigger an extremely high anabolic to androgenic ratio that results to consistent dry and hard muscle gains when cycled without the risk of aromatization, which makes it a popular choice among competitive bodybuilders prepping up for a contest. It’s also gained a following as an effective fat burner.

For bulking: A user can expect anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds of lean muscle mass during a 5-week cycle of Halodrol at a daily dose of 75mg.

For recomping: A user can look forward to a reduction of 1 to 2% of body fat when he cycles with a daily dose of 75mg of Halodrol for 5 weeks. Gains of 7 to 10 pounds of muscle can also be expected.

For cutting: A reduction of 2 to 4% of body fat can be expected when Halodrol is cycled with a daily dose of 75mg for 5 weeks. Gains of 3 to 5 pounds of muscle can also be anticipated during this time.

Halodrol can be used as a standalone compound or stacked with other non-methylated substances. According to experienced users, typical choices for stacking with this prohormone include Furazadrol, 11-OXO (Adrenosterone) and BOLD (1,4AD). However, it isn’t recommended for use among women due to the very high risk of virilization that can be set off in their bodies during a cycle.


Halodrol was initially released in 2006 as a nutritional supplement by Gaspari Nutrition, a company founded by bodybuilding hall of famer, Rich Gaspari. This prohormone was launched in the market after a massive ban on anabolic steroids was enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2004.

It was said to be formulated as a clone of Oral-Turinabol (also known as Tbol and Oral Tbol), an anabolic steroid manufactured by in the early 1960’s by Jenapharm, an East German pharmaceutical company. This steroid has become quite infamous for being used in “STASI14.25” to dope around 10,000 athletes from 1968 until 1989 for enhancement purposes.

Halodrol also contained traces of Madol (desoxymethyltestosterone), which is known as one of the very first “designer steroids” ever launched in the mainstream market. After being exposed by the media, the FDA clamped down on this prohormone that led to its removal in the Gaspari Nutrition website. However, you can still see Halodrol with the company’s original label being sold in a variety of other sites until now.

Although Halodrol was banned by the authorities, there are still clones of this prohormone sold online and in the black market these days. Some of these clones go by the names Halostane, Halo-Test, 4-Chloro, Halovar and Halo-V. It is very crucial that you pick a legitimate Halodrol clone, though, since going for shady options can lead to severe cardiovascular issues and liver toxicity.


Based on the feedback of Halodrol users, this prohormone can help stimulate the following bodybuilding benefits:

  • Improves vascularity
  • Boosts overall muscle size and strength
  • Helps enhance pumps
  • Promotes fat loss while preventing catabolism
  • Cuts down recovery time

Side Effects

Now while we’ve emphasized earlier that Halodrol does not aromatize when cycled, it can still cause the side effects below when not properly used:

  • Can cause temporary shrinkage of the testicles
  • Can promote bouts of acne and oily skin
  • Can stimulate hair loss in men predisposed to baldness

The Lowdown on a Halodrol Cycle

Like other prohormones, maximizing the benefits of Halodrol involves knowing how it should be ideally cycled. If you’re looking to use this compound anytime soon, here is a quick guide that you should look into to get the most out of this prohormone:


It is highly recommended that you start with a daily dose of 50mg to gauge your tolerance to this prohormone. You can bump up your dosage to 75mg in 3 to 4 days’ time if you’re not feeling any adverse reactions. User logs in bodybuilding forums report that 125mg daily dose is possible, but should be reserved for seasoned users. Now while Halodrol can give you an “alpha male” feeling almost immediately, visual results can take up to 2 weeks.

A typical Halodrol cycle runs for 5 to 6 weeks, whether you’re using it as a standalone prohormone or stacking it with other anabolic steroids. However, it is very important that you stack it with non-methylated substances or else you can be highly vulnerable to liver health issues. Given its rather long half-life, using Halodrol is as simple as taking one dose in the morning and another in the late afternoon or evening.

Keeping in mind to have an on-cycle support when using Halodrol is also essential to stave off potential liver toxicity and cardiovascular problems sooner or later.

Post Cycle Therapy

Getting a proper post cycle therapy or PCT going after using Halodrol is vital to prevent negative side effects like gynecomastia, joint issues and high blood pressure from manifesting. Make sure you start your PCT a day after your last dose of this prohormone and should be run for 4 to 6 weeks depending on your Halodrol dosage.

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