Let’s Find Out If Protobol is a “Pro” or a “Con” for Your Next Cycle

Protobol is one of the more exotic names that you’re sure to come across when you zero in on a prohormone to cycle with. But the question is will this compound help you achieve the gains that you’re looking to realize? Follow along to find out if this really deserves a spot in your bodybuilding checklist.

Getting to Know Protobol

For starters, Protobol is one of the earliest prohormones ever created.

It is known scientifically as Methylandrostenediol and deemed in the bodybuilding world as an out of the ordinary prohormone due to its unique ability to improve receptor affinity with other anabolic and androgenic compounds when administered.

Methylandrostenediol chemical structure

Protobol helped rejuvenate the body’s glucocorticoid-binding sites that usually get exhausted sooner or later after continuous cycles with steroids or prohormones. When these androgen receptor sites experience a burn out, achieving even the most minimal gains can be rather tricky.

Experts point out that Protobol is somewhat related to Halodrol and Epistane, but has a milder effect to the system. When this prohormone is metabolized by the body, it converts to mestanolone, which is a 17α-methylated derivative of dihydrotestosterone.

What Protobol Can Do

This prohormone has made a name for itself in the bodybuilding world for its capability to trigger rapid strength and power gains while also delivering considerable mass. This is the reason why it’s quite popular with strength athletes who are looking to add an extra bit of oomph into their game.

Seasoned prohormone users also relate that Protobol helps promote a more aggressive mindset as well as speed up fat loss during a cycle. However, its fat loss benefit can only be pulled off if an adequate diet regimen is observed.

Protobol can also be stacked with other prohormones for an added boost in potency.

Does Protobol Have Side Effects?

Protobol does have some setbacks akin to most prohormones you can get your hands on these days. It can be toxic to the liver with its 17 alpha-alkylated structure. Not keeping a close eye on the dosage you’re administering as well as your food intake when cycling with this compound can also make you vulnerable to excessive water retention.

Examples of 17 alpha-alkylated compounds

However, the risk of being vulnerable to acne, hair loss, prostate issues and joint discomfort is minimal when you use Protobol. It is important to remember, though, that a proper post cycle therapy should be in your checklist when you cycle with this prohormone.

The Dosage and Cycle Length

According to experts, the ideal dosage of Protobol is between 10 milligrams to 20 milligrams every day and should be cycled for 6 to 8 weeks. Now while this prohormone can be used by women, they should stick to low doses and not increment the same drastically during their cycle to keep clear from masculinizing effects.

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