The Side Effects of Methylstenbolone

Methylstenbolone Side Effects

Regular workout helps a person improve his physicality. These exercises however take a lot of time and repetition. In fact, these activities aren’t enough if you’re wishing to have a body of a commercial model. No matter how many repetitions one adds up, he would still realize it’s not enough, but with Methylstenbolone, we can boost the gains we get from exercising into a whole new level. Methylstenbolone is a DHT derived prohormone which provides lean mass gains with little or no water retention. Bodybuilders have been using the prohormone and have proved that it actually gave them better results especially with proper diet and a clean bill of health. When taking methylstenbolone, the user must take an “On Cycle Support” during the cycle which is typically run for 4 weeks. Such activity is needed in order to lessen or prevent the following side effects:

Most Common Side Effects of Methylstenbolone

Liver Toxicity

Methylstenbolone is a methylated compound and possesses a very high resistance from being metabolized thus making it liver toxic. Due to the high resistance of the compound, users may experience a rise of their liver enzymes which indicates that some cells on the liver are getting damaged or an inflammation is occurring. The said damages done to the liver may result to low HDL level. HDL or good cholesterol acts as a good scavenger by removing LDL or bad cholesterol, reusing it, and then recycling it by transporting it back to the liver where it’s reprocessed. In order to avoid the damages which Methylstenbolone can do to your liver, the user must take a Cycle Support. The ingredients found on Cycle Support products are great anti-oxidants in liver tissue and supports the liver while it undergoes recovery during the span of the cycle.

On the Kidney

The kidney is responsible for important functions in body like absorbing minerals, producing urine, and filtering blood. This makes the kidney one of the most important organ of the body, which is why a damaged kidney could prove to be fatal. Methylstenbolone is known to be a compound which has a very high resistance from being metabolized which makes it harmful to both the liver and the kidney. Some users have reported that during the cycle, they experience darkening of their urine. Such occurrence might be the result of a combination of urine and some elements which the organ failed to digest completely.


Some users have reported that they experience insomnia during their 4 week cycle of methylstenbolone. Such sleep disorder is actually to be expected due to the stress which the Methylstenbolone gives to a user’s body. This condition is classified as a secondary insomnia which is often a symptom of a neurological or emotional disorder. An individual’s pain tolerance can determine whether he or she would experience insomnia while using the prohormone. Due to the enhanced muscle strength and endurance, the user would improve his pain tolerance while under the effect. As soon as the effect of the Methylstenbolone starts to wear off, the body slowly goes back to its normal function and capabilities. Due to the changes, an individual may experience chronic pain or breathing problems, the common causes of insomnia.


Under the effect of Methylstenbolone, your muscles won’t feel any soreness or weariness. This pushes you to discover more of your limits. Increase the number of repetitions you do with your weight lifting and gain more muscles. However, after the effect wears out you’ll feel weak and feeble. Due to the extra amount of energy yyou’veused on exceeding the limits, your body will suffer a state of lethargy. During this state, you will experience extreme fatigue or drowsiness with prolonged sleep patterns. It’s not that bad unless you’re a busy man.


Doing workouts with Methylstenbolone can cause a lot of headaches. Due to the sudden burst of muscle strength, more blood is distributed to different parts of the body which causes high blood pressure. Such sudden condition of the body can lead to all sort of pain including headaches. Prohormones are known to cause thinning nature of blood to the user, this state makes the body feel less pain but take more stress. The amount of pain a user may suffer from the headaches caused by the prohormones differs to how much his/her pain tolerance is while not being under the effect of methylstenbolone.

Hair loss

Also known as alopecia, hair loss is usually a result of genetic inheritance. Other causes would be thyroid disease, ringworm of the scalp, anemia and anorexia. Medications such as the ones used on chemotherapy can also cause temporary hair loss. The hair would then grow back after the end of the treatment. Hair loss can also take place when a person experiences a shock to the system. An example of this is using prohormone. Prohormone like the Methylstenbolone affects the system by boosting the testosterone production. Although, not all users have experienced the said effect which makes it conditional.


Methylstenbolone helps a body builder improve his muscles more efficiently. With the sudden boost of muscle endurance, the user can’t lift heavier weights and perform more repetitions. During the cycle, the user must however take a Cycle Support or else he/she would develop gyno. Methylstenbolone makes estrogen increase more rapidly, and without the aid of a Cycle Support, may circulate freely on the users body. On a certain time, the estrogen would settle on the breast which would also cause the nipples to be puffy, itchy or painful. Proper intake of Cycle Support during a methylstenbolone cycle is the best way to prevent such effects.

Muscle Cramps

Focusing too much on a muscle during a workout can cause muscle cramps. A cramp usually occurs to a person when he/she tries to exceed his /her limitations. Such incident can be avoided through warm-up exercises. This helps the muscle to prepare for an upcoming activity. The use of Methylstenbolone doesn’t actually make you immune to muscle cramps, in fact, it could actually make you more vulnerable. With the increase of muscle endurance you gain, you hardly feel any stress on your muscles. Without a proper routine for your work out, muscle cramp would be unavoidable. By monitoring your progress, you don’t only avoid the threat of a muscle cramp but you can also gain muscle effectively.

Water retention

Methylstenbolone helps the user gain muscles while having little or no water retention. Water retention is a nuisance for most body builders because it can hide fat loss. Some even think they are actually gaining weight instead. These fluids are actually more visible to body builders which often avoid fiber. Fiber has a similar function as water, as it cleanses the urinary tracts and the kidneys which helps things to keep moving smoothly including excess fluid. During the effects of the methylstenbolone, the user won’t likely feel any drought at all. As soon as the effect starts to wear off, the user will experience extreme dehydration and would need to drink loads of water. Drinking a lot of water isn’t actually that bad because it causes the body to release more water through excretion, thereby dropping water retention.

These are the main side effects of Methylstenbolone, and if they seem scary to you, don’t worry. They’re actually not that bad. In fact, many people don’t experience any at all. However, like mentioned in the above article, as long as you take the proper on cycle and post cycle therapy, you can avoid any and all side effects of M-Sten and have a successful cycle like many others.

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Have any of you experience side effects during your cycle of M-sten? If so, how did you cope with them and what products do you recommend? Leave your thoughts below!

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