All the Important Things You Need to Know About Trendione

Trendione is a prohormone that is gathering more and more avid followers until now due to its potency and reliability. If you still can’t make up your mind about including this compound on your next cycle, follow along to find out all the important things you need to know about this prohormone.

Trendione Profile

Trendione is actually a very close cousin of the steroid, Trenbolone. What only differentiates the two is the latter’s chemical structure is ahead by a ketone at the 17th position. This simply means that you’re getting all the great stuff that you can have from Trenbolone, but without the rather nasty “Tren cough.”

Also called as Trenavar, this progestin-based prohormone was released by PHF/IBE in 2011 and easily became one of the most popular compounds in the bodybuilding world for its extreme potency. Apart from stimulating optimal vascularity, Trendione has also been seen to speed up fat loss and setting off rapid strength and size gains. This compound has a molecular weight of 268.356 g/mol.

The chemical structure of Trendione

Although there are a number of products you can get your hands on these days that claim to be 100% Trendione, only the legit versions of this prohormone actually converts to Trenbolone when it gets metabolized by the body. The rest will only convert to Dienolone, which is an anabolic steroid in itself, but considerably weaker compared to Trenbolone.

Akin to its injectable cousin, Trenbolone, it is very crucial to keep in mind that Trendione is an extremely powerful prohormone and should be cycled with caution.

Trendione Benefits

Cycling with Trendione basically gives you all the benefits of using Trenbolone.

Typical results of cycling with Trendione

Apart from helping you achieve improved vascular appearance, this prohormone is also capable of causing significant gains in muscle power, strength, size and mass all the while boosting the body’s ability to burn fat.

And given that Trendione gives you all these positive effects without being at risk of being pestered by “Tren cough” during your cycle, we’re off to a really good start with this prohormone.

Trendione Side Effects

Now let’s check out the other side of the coin.

With a prohormone as potent and powerful as Trendione, there are some potential side effects that you can experience when cycling with this stuff. These include liver toxicity, lethargy, nausea, bouts of depression, erratic sweating, a spike in bad cholesterol levels and hypertension. Some users also report that they experienced feeling thirsty more often than usual and frequently having dark urine when going to the bathroom.

However, it is important to remember that having the right on-cycle support and post cycle therapy (PCT) when administering Trendione can greatly help offset and prevent these issues.

Trendione Dosage and Cycling

When cycled as a standalone compound, Trendione should be taken 50 milligrams to 70 milligrams each day, split into two or three doses. You can bump up your dose to 100 milligrams daily if you don’t experience side effects. A cycle using Trendione as a standalone prohormone should only run for 5 to 6 weeks.

When stacked with other compounds, Trendione should be taken 20 milligrams to 50 milligrams per day, split into two doses. Seasoned steroid users recommend stacking Trendione with Primobolan, Testosterone and Equipoise. Now while it can be done by veteran users, this prohormone should not be stacked with Deca Durabolin, which is another progestin.

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